SCHUPPE FARMS cattle program stresses the importance of fertility, performance good disposition and calving ease.

Our goal has always been to produce bulls that will work for the commercial cattleman by producing bulls that have balanced trait EPDs. We don’t single-trait select when we decide which bulls to use, but rather select sires with balanced EPDs: Moderate birth weights—Excellent growth with adequate milk —balanced carcass traits. We feel the bulls in this year’s sale exemplify what we strive to produce. You can buy them with confidence.



Our cows graze on both dry land and irrigated grass during the summer months and on cornstalks in the winter months with mineral tubs available all the time. Our calves are grown on mother’s milk and grass until weaning. NO CREEP FEED. We find creep feeding gives a false reading as to what a cow can actually produce. After weaning, the bulls are put on a high roughage ration consisting of ground alfalfa, corn silage, high moisture corn, a liquid protein supplement, and free choice prairie hay. The bull calves run in a long pen, 1/4 mile in length. They make several trips a day from one end of the pen to the other, ensuring they get plenty of exercise. Our bulls are not overly fat. Several of our customers have commented that our bulls are in good condition after the first breeding season. We take weights several times from weaning to sale date. The bulls have tested negative for BVD PI3. DNA testing has been done for homozygous black and polled traits and the results appear with each lot or on the supplement sheet. We will have scrotal measurements, rib eye and marbling scores available on sale day. We hope this added information will help make your bull selection.


The Lim-Flex Advantage

Lim-Flex stands for Limousin with muscle and efficiency, along with flexibility. The most significant strengths of this powerful genetic blend are:

  • Flexible seedstock for simple, easily managed crossbreeding

  • Flexible market progeny that consistently hit dressing percent, along with

  • Yield and quality grade targets for mainstream, case-ready markets

  • Flexible females adapted for efficiency across a wide range of environments

  • FLEX stands for Limousin Efficiency Cross (X) — the beef industry’s answer to profitable system-wide production of case-ready products

"Our cattle have to be stout, easy fleshing, maternal, and able to fend for themselves. Lim-Flex do this better than any other type of cattle we’ve ran.” Casey Deuter, Deuter Ranches Ree Heights, SD



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